a brand for the LGBT+ community

True To Me. aims to provide fashionable clothing for everyone, functional items for transgender and non-binary people, and accreditation for organisations to improve and promote equal opportunity and practice.  


Everything we do is aimed at helping you to be, express, and love, your true self, no matter how you identify.

We want to help people express who they truly are in our loud and imposing society. Whether it be an under-the-breath whisper, or a megaphone shout, wearing or using True To Me. products will help you to be yourself at a level that makes you feel comfortable.

Whilst we do aim to make a profit, we want to give back too. 20% of everything we make goes back into the LGBT+ community in the form of donations to certified LGBT+ charities, and giveaways to those who need it most. 

In a nutshell, we want to help you be 

unapologetically and unashamedly you





cake baker, music maker

Shaaba is in charge of design, and constantly pesters Jamie with new ideas to bring to life


Chief Mischief Maker

body licker and... well, glutton

Polo likes to sit in the packaging and is never afraid to be himself - a True To Me. ambassador!



game player, comic reader

Jamie is the inspiration of this project. He keeps the wheels moving and our feet on the ground.


call us cliche, but we truly see our members as a part of our team. if it wasn't for your support and your presence in our online communities, we wouldn't be doing what we do. we try and involve our members as much as we can, running frequent focus groups to get ideas and feedback. we also welcome ideas from you on how we can better raise awareness and education on LGBT+ matters. any ideas? get in touch!



In early 2016, Jamie thought it would have been useful in his early days of transitioning to have something with his pronouns on them. We spoke about the idea of wristbands, so if people felt they were being mis-gendered, wearing the wristband could prevent this or give a really easy way of explaining your pronouns to people without having to use words. After asking some of our trans friends online, the community seemed to really like the idea. 

From there, we kept coming up with new ideas that wouldn't only help the trans and non-binary community, but things that could help educate society about the community and the issues that they face too. 

That's when we came up with our initial brand: This Is Me.  - we had all sorts of ideas with pet ambassadors, wish-lists that we wanted to fulfil, and so much more, but we were running so fast it was difficult to keep up! With both of us having full time commitments, posting multiple videos every week, and learning how to adult, we didn't have the time to make This Is Me. everything we wanted it to be. We were also unable to protect our brand, so we decided to take our time re-branding. 

After a lot of time and effort, we re-launched as True To Me. in early 2018. Our ambition is just as fierce, but with so much going on in our crazy lives it'll take us some time to get there. 


We continue to develop new ideas, projects, and collaborations for True To Me. as and when we can. You can always purchase from our ever-growing shop, and we'll always give back to the community. 

We also hope to introduce our accreditation scheme in the future to bring about acceptance on a wider scale. 

For now, we're just taking it one day at a time, and we hope you'll join us on our journey to making the world a more honest and accepting place. 


Our mission is simple: we would like every single person in the world to feel happy, proud, and confident, to express their true and beautiful selves. 

We hold seven core values close to us, which influence every move we make. 

These values are who we are, what we stand for, and what we do. 


About you.

About the environment. About our cause and all its complexities.


We do things for you, and never lose sight of this. Think we can do something new, or something better?

Let us know. 


A large percentage of our profits go into the LGBT+ community.

Our entire project is about giving back to the community that's supported us so well. 


We aim to inspire understanding, acceptance, and education, and make the world a more comfortable place for you to, well, be you.


99% of our products are for everyone, no matter how you identify.

Some items are aimed at specific identities, but 100% focus on equal opportunity for all. 


Of our community, of our brand, and of ourselves.

It's our mission to encourage pride and self-love within all of our members.


We're always searching for new ways to help our members, and are not afraid to challenge the status quo.


We're more than a shop.

We're a community. 

True To Me. aims to provide three things: fashion, function, and accreditation.

We want the fierce message of our brand to go beyond the tangible items we provide. 

True To Me. stands for pride, support, and community. By embracing our message, wearing it, using it, meeting others through it, all of our members - LGBT+ or not - are showing the world that you believe in inclusivity, in equality opportunity, and in acceptance. 

Accepting others for who they truly are goes a long way to helping people accept themselves. 

The only labels clothes should have, are those indicating materials and sizes. 


No matter how you identify, our fashion items are designed for you to feel fabulous. 

Frills, shirts, and dresses for all!

All of our fashion clothing products are unisex and intended to be worn by everyone. 

No matter how you identify, our fashion items are for you.

Beyond our clothing, we also provide accessories, cards, frames, and posters. 

See what takes your fancy, and remember: 20% of our proceeds are donated. 


We develop functional products for the LGBT+ community and its allies. 


Functional clothing is clothing that serves a purpose. Whilst we aim for total inclusivity in everything we do, some of these functional items are designed to help specific identities and groups. Our pronoun-wear is one example, and we're also looking to provide binders, and underwear aimed at trans-women.

We're also developing other functional items beyond clothing. From all-inclusive sanitary products to educational interactive games. Watch this space... ​


Our products aim to change the world one member at a time, but True To Me. also wants to advance equality from a more official platform. We're developing an accreditation scheme which identifies employers, universities, and other institutions and organisations, that are genuinely LGBT+ inclusive.

If you're looking for a job or University and really want to know that you won't be discriminated against based on your identity, we guarantee you that our accredited list will be just that. 

If you're interested in being True To Me. accredited, please get in touch