VOGUE *looks like a duck*


And not just skinny women and muscly men. We want YOU!

Regardless of your gender (or lack of one), age, ethnicity, size, whatever. We would like you to help model our products! 

There is one criteria: we want our members, the ambassadors of the True To Me. brand, to be truly invested in our mission. Please only contact us to get involved if you truly believe in the acceptance of all people, regardless of their gender identity. 

If this is you, and you want to take part, brilliant!

We're looking for people to model our clothes and products so we can put these photos on our website, on our shop gallery, and on our social media. 

You can be a True To Me. model in two ways: 

1. Send us some photos of you wearing or using True To Me. bits and bobs! If you email us at with your photos, we may use them as promotional materials. (Be sure to pop 'modelling photos' or something similar in the email - we love getting random photos but we're easily confused!)

2. At some point in the future, we'll be organising a photo-shoot and movie day. This will be a whole day event where you can try on and use our products, make friends, eat pizza, and watch a movie with us, whilst we take some photos alongside. Come ooon, pizza!

This will be an event in the UK, and as we're quite small just now we won't be able to pay for your time or travel reimbursements. Nevertheless it will be a great experience for those of you who can make it. Did I mention there will be pizza?

If you are interested in attending a photo-shoot and movie day, email us at We'll send you an information gathering form for you to fill in, and give you some more details about when/where once we've arranged it. 

Don't think you're gorgeous enough to model for us? Come off it.

We know that every single person on this planet is beautiful, and we promise you that you are exactly what we are looking for. 

That's all for now folks, get in touch, and speak soon!

Remember: always be yourself, you're AMAZING. 

Shaaba (:

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